The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center recognizes its talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. 


Our passionate workforce of approximately 1,000 employees pushes the boundaries of what innovation looks like by providing services focused on health promotion, illness prevention and protection of the environment.

Through our efforts in quality and performance improvement, health equity, and instituting a data driven culture, our continuous goal is to develop the programs and interventions that improve health outcomes in Lake County independent of socioeconomic status.

EEO Utilization Report


The success of the services we offer is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people.

We recognize that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to their work.  Our diversity encompasses differences in ethnicity, national origin, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, abilities, experience, socio-economic status, and education.  

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive culture that values diversity of thought and collaboration, enabling each employee to perform at their maximum potential and to more effectively work with clients, patients and employees.

We support and require that patient care, client care and overall customer service be provided in a culturally competent and ethnically sensitive manner.  

Employee Engagement

Inclusion and Diversity Council

The Inclusion and Diversity Council inspires cultural diversity and competency through equal opportunity, respect, and understanding of staff, clients, and community.

Health Works Committee

The Health Works Committee strives to create a culture of health among employees to help them make healthier choices around eating, physical activity and tobacco usage. 

Green Team 

The Green Team promotes a culture of awareness where employees can be more environmentally sustainable at work, home, and in their community.

Safety Committee and Officers

The purpose of the Safety Committee and Officers is to reduce the risk of injuries to patient, staff and visitors by promoting health, preventing accidents and preparing for emergencies.

Infection Control Committee

The Infection Control Committee is responsible for the development, implementation and management of the Infection Control Program which is focused on preventing and controlling infectious diseases related to the work and patient care environments through the process of surveillance, education, consultation, program compliance and assurance. 

Community Involvement

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Low-cost Pet Vaccination and Microchip Clinics
  • Prescription Drug Disposal
  • Rx for Health Walks
  • GO Lake County
  • Live Well Lake County
  • Tobacco 21
  • Deicing Classes for Local Municipalities
  • Tire Collection Events
  • Mosquito Larvicide Training
  • Certified Pool Operator Training and Exam
  • Volunteer Lake Seminars
  • Earth Day Events
  • World AIDS Day
  • National Hepatitis Testing Day
  • National HIV Long-Term Survivor Awareness Day
  • Diabetes Awareness Month
  • Diabetes Alert Day

Lake County Health Department programs also participate in events hosted by other organizations and local municipalities.

Diversity is who we are and what we do.

Our People

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center is proud to employ a diverse workforce of dedicated individuals.

80% of our employees are female, and 50% are racial minority.  We are a multi-generational workforce, with employees from 19 to 79 years old, and experience from 0 to 43 years.

We learn from each other, and our diversity of backgrounds only makes us stronger.  We are more effective in serving the needs of others when our workforce best matches the diversity of our patients.